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Review on Wayne Ens
On May 29, 2013

Being a marketing and advertising agency, we are forever researching and following marketing trades.  Today we had the pleasure to attend “Winning in the New Economy with Wayne Ens” presented by Blackburn Radio.  I found the seminar very engaging and informative. 

It was attended by over 80 business owners.  What this demonstrates to us is that even though businesses are adjusting their marketing and branding daily there is always something new to learn and use to help better position themselves in the market.

 There are many statements Ens touched upon.  I would like to share his equation:  Share of Voice = Share of Mind = Share of Market.  What percentage of market share does your business have and why is this important.

It is important because having your business top of mind is key so that when a potential client is in need of your product or service they think of you.  This is achieved by properly branding your businesses position. Your ultimate goal is getting them to know and understand what you offer before they need you.  It is instilling the proper perceived value of your product and service.  How is this achieved?

 This is achieved through letting intrusive media guide the ship while fueling your passive media. It is important to differentiate your business from your competitors.
Having a marketing plan is essential in the success of properly branding your product and services.  Campaign marketing is more effective then call to action style marketing. The reason of this is because you are being consistent with your message and talking to everyone as a pose to the ones that are in the market at the moment.
Unique creative and copy when used affectively will help straighten your brand. It is not only what you say that is important. It is how you say it.

Ens also touched upon Share of Mind on national brands.  When it comes to fast food there is no doubt that McDonalds holds the number one position. They share 65% of the market and out sell their competitors.  What is the position they have taken?  Who do they market to? 

I have a personal story to share. Tonight after dinner we had gone grocery shopping and passed McDonalds our daughter said “Mom mmm McDonalds I’m hungry I need fries please.” We passed many other places but as soon as she spotted McDonalds something in her mind was triggered. Oh the power the golden arches holds. 
Once your business chooses a position it is important to own it and stay consistent to support your brand.

St. Claire College conducted a top of mind awareness survey in Windsor Essex County in many different business categories.  The number one businesses in the categories are not a big surprise. They are the ones with the most share of voice. If you are interested to know where you stand in your category Blackburn Radio have the the T.O.M.A (Top of Mind Awareness) results and would love to share where your business falls.

There are many ways to brand and market yourself just as affective as the national brands without hurting your pocket book.  The most important thing to remember is why your business wants to increase market/mind share. The goal is to maximize your return on investment. 

As we all know your business thrives on returned and referred business. Once you have a good product to market match it with the right price.  This is not necessarily the lowest price but the price that matches the quality.  Then is it time to position adding your personal touch and promote. Marketing your business will bring you the customers.  Making sure they keep coming back will maximize your profits.

Having a well balanced marketing strategy is something Digital Media can provide you to give your business a unique edge to stay ahead of your competitors. Analyzing and researching your industry is something that we provide to affectively use intrusive and passive media and help you better position and promotion of your brand.

Review of “Winning in the New Economy with Wayne Ens” by Cynthia Ballard