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Customer Service- The benefits of Going Above and Beyond
On May 28, 2013
The Importance of Customer Service before, during and after the sale.
A lot of companies are good at the before and during but fall short with the after. We can all benefit from examining how we can improve on the after. It is very important to stay in touch with your clients.  Making sure they are satisfied with your product our service.  This will strengthen customer loyalty along with many other benefits that we will touch upon.  
By staying in touch with your clients you remain top of mind. A phone call, e-mail, newsletter or card goes a long way.  It means you have taken time out of your busy schedule to check and see how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to help them.  Something that you should get in the habit of is setting aside time in your schedule to appreciate the clients you have. This goes back to Pareto 80/20 rule.  By taking care of the clients you currently have your relationship will grow and it will make it easy to refer business to one another.The client will also continue doing business and explore different ways that your company can service them.

There are a lot of industries that thrive off of referral business. When you have a satisfies client they would be more than happy to pass leads your way. Ask us how you can increase your customer service with ease. It is the life line to your business.

One thing to remember; good news travels fast but bad news travels faster.  People are more likely to share a bad experience with everyone they know then positive ones. Especially with social media being a big part of word of mouth your businesses can now be liked and shared by many.  A bad experience can go viral.  

So what defines good customer service?  It is going that extra step. Putting your personal touch on things. Providing them with added value at no charge. Under promising and over delivering. Setting realistic expectations and manage them. Handle complaints and errors professionally and promptly. Offer advice or suggestions without expecting to collect from it.  Most importantly listen to your clients needs and provide them with what they are looking for and not assuming what is right for them.

I wanted to share a video that Wayne Ens shared at his seminar presented by Blackburn Radio  "Winning in the New Economy". This video demontrates the power of putting your personal figureprint on your customer service.  Titled Johnny  the Bagger.