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Can You Afford to Miss Out on Today's Exploding Technology?
On May 13, 2013
In business we are always looking to stand out and be above the competition.  Companies across many industries are using mobile websites to keep their products and services at the fingertips of their consumers. As of December there was a total of 634 million website on the World Wide Web.

You have 8 seconds to get the attention of your customer. Your website needs to: Upload quickly, have easy to use mobile navigation, limited scrolling, contain quick links and a call now buttons. If the user gets annoyed they will move on to an easier to navigate website and go to your competitor.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

A recent survey of mobile users conducted by Google found that 72 percent of mobile users say it is important to them that websites are mobile friendly, yet 96 percent have visited a site that doesn’t work well on their device.  If your company isn’t strengthening your relationships with a market on the move, you’re missing a prime opportunity.

Is your website ready for mobile? This is where your business can win by being a minority!  Contact us today and let us analyze your website at no charge.  We will provide you with tips and suggestion to strengthen your online presence.